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Glycine Watches Review & Frequently Asked Questions

Finding out everything there is to know about a specific Glycine watch’s features, functions, materials, and history are interesting and a lot of fun in addition to assisting you in choosing the ideal watch for you. The problem is that it can take a lot of time. In this thorough Glycine watches review, we address the worries that individuals have when thinking about buying one by addressing the most often asked questions and providing comprehensive answers. You can check this article about Glycine watches prices to get better idea about the brand prices.

Glycine watches

What is Glycine watches History?

The visionary Eugène Meylan founded the Swiss watch company Glycine Watch SA, or just Glycine, in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, where it still has its manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters today. The first mass-produced automatic watches were introduced by Glycine in 1930, and in 1959 it created vacuum-sealed casings, enabling more robust and water-resistant timepieces. Pilots of the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War and astronaut Pete Conrad during the Gemini 5 and Gemini 11 spaceflights are two notable examples of how the Glycine Airman, the first watch that could track two 24-hour time zones, was used in commercial and military aviation as well as in spaceflights.

Is Glycine owned by Invicta?

Yes, the acquisition of Glycine by American watch company Invicta Watch Group was officially announced in 2016. Invicta, S.Coifman, Technomarine, and Glycine are the four watch brands now produced by the Invicta group.

Is Glycine Swiss made?

Yes, the Glycine watches are still Swiss-made. Despite being a part of the Invicta group that is under American ownership. The CEO of Glycine at the time felt confident in the brand’s future course:

There are absolutely no intentions to have a mixture of the two brands. Glycine will stay Glycine…… Glycine will stay a Swiss brand producing mainly automatic Swiss watches at a very attractive price point”.

When did Glycine change the logo?

From 1965 onward, Glycine began using the redesigned crown logo that is still in use today. By 1967, the new crown logo was used to identify the majority of Glycine timepieces.

Does Glycine make a good watch?

Glycine makes excellent Swiss watches and offers them at reasonable costs. The brand depends on tried-and-true mechanical calibers that are also found in far more expensive models from other manufacturers and has over a century of watchmaking history to its favor. Glycine watches are the ideal introduction to the world of mechanical pilots and diving watches because of their incredible pricing.

Who makes Glycine watch movements?

Glycine watches are powered by ETA or Sellita base Swiss movements. The ETA caliber 2824-2 served as the foundation for the early Glycine caliber GL224 movement, which powers the Combat Sub. The majority of the current GL224-powered timepieces on the market are based on the Sellita SW 200- however, there may still be some ETA pieces in use.

Are Glycine watches expensive?

Glycine watches are very affordable their flagship collection, The Airman, is offered at lower prices compared to other watches with similar GMT functionality. The prices for Airman No.1 start at about $850 USD , for a more detailed answer for this question, check the related article about Glycine watches prices.

What is the idea behind the Airman watch 24-hour display?

On a flight between Bangkok and Kolkata, the concept for a pilot’s watch with a 24-hour display and two time zones emerged. Samuel W. Glur, a salesman, joined the pilots in the DC-4’s cockpit during that flight and started chatting about watches. The pilots recommended an automatic watch with water resistance, a 24-hour scale, and a bezel with a second-time zone, according to Glur. Charles Hertig, the owner of Glycine at the time, accepted the challenge and created the Airman, which has been continuously produced since its introduction in 1953.

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