is invicta a luxury brand

Invicta watches: Is Invicta a luxury brand?

Invicta is generally not considered a traditional luxury brand in the watch industry. Instead, it positions itself as an "affordable-luxury" brand, offering high-quality timepieces at accessible prices. While it may not meet the standards of die-hard watch enthusiasts seeking premium luxury, Invicta is recognized for delivering reliable watches that offer good value for the price.

Is Invicta a luxury brand? This question has stirred debates in watch communities worldwide, with enthusiasts and collectors on both ends of the spectrum voicing their perspectives. In the world of horology, the term “luxury” is often associated with high-end brands that command extravagant prices. But could luxury also embody affordability, quality craftsmanship, and diverse design? Could a watch brand offer all these while keeping prices competitive? In this article, we will dive deep into the core identity of Invicta, a brand that challenges traditional luxury paradigms, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit to answer this question. As we explore the compelling world of Invicta watches, don’t forget to compare its proposition with other brands, such as Tissot, in our comprehensive Tissot Watches Review. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a watch enthusiast in the making, you’ll want to stick around for this engaging discourse that might just redefine luxury for you. Also, read our comprehensive Guide about the Different Types of Watches.

is invicta a luxury brand

Invicta’s Identity and Legacy

Invicta is an American watch manufacturer, however its origins are in Switzerland. Raphael Picard established Invicta as a Swiss watch manufacturer in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1837. Invicta originally created mechanical and automated clocks and is committed to providing high-quality timepieces at a cost that is affordable for everyone. The basic idea and ideology of Invicta meaning are still at the heart of every Invicta creation, and the company is still privately owned and run. Invicta filed for bankruptcy in the early 1980s and was bought by Ondix S.A in 1983, who carried on making Invicta watches in Switzerland. In 1991, after being acquired by American owners, Ondix was revived after folding because of weak sales. Invicta purchased Swiss watchmaker Glycine in April 2016.

Is Invicta a luxury brand?

Invicta is not a luxury brand. Invicta is committed to providing high-quality timepieces at a cost that is attainable for everyone. They offer a wide variety of styles, designs, and mass productions and are available in many department stores.

Value Proposition of Invicta

Invicta’s allure doesn’t rest solely on price or the perception of it being a luxury watch brand. Its true value lies in its distinctive approach to delivering invincible design and performance. Invicta aims to provide more than just accessories; each timepiece is a statement of personality and identity, crafted with intricate attention to detail that satisfies the most particular and diverse tastes.

With over 30 distinct collections, Invicta offers an expansive variety, emphasizing both functionality and expressiveness in its designs. The brand is steadfast in its commitment to quality, reliability, and solid build, ensuring each timepiece not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its customers and collectors.

Each watch from Invicta is a testament to its value proposition – timepieces that are as stylish and expressive as they are reliable and affordable. This unique blend makes Invicta a standout player in the industry, redefining what luxury means in the world of watches.

Invicta in the Watch Community

Opinions on Invicta’s standing in the watch community diverge, especially when it comes to price ranges. For watches under $250 USD, Invicta offers an impressive selection with an excellent value proposition, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking quality timepieces at competitive prices. However, as the budget escalates beyond $250 USD, other brands like Orient, Seiko, and Swatch start to compete for attention.

Swiss Origins and Invicta’s Swiss-Made Collection

In terms of its Swiss origin, Invicta holds true to its roots with its Swiss-Made collection, adhering to strict standards established by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. However, not all Invicta watches bear the Swiss Made mark, indicating that the brand has diversified its production beyond its Swiss origins.

Popular Invicta Collections

When exploring Invicta’s diverse collection, models like the Pro Diver Men Model 9403, Speedway Men Model 37953, and Angel Lady Model 20023 stand out. These selections demonstrate Invicta’s ability to cater to a wide range of preferences, offering everything from traditional diver watches to vibrant, sporty chronographs, and elegant women’s timepieces. For those interested in the high-end range, you can explore some of the most expensive Invicta watches.

Pro Diver Men Model 9403- Pro Diver Collection

Invicta pro diver watch

One of Invicta’s biggest and most well-liked collections is the Pro Diver collection. The Model 9403 from this series caught my eye because it’s a diver watch with stainless steel case and with a vibrant bezel (Pepsi) like the GMT from Rolex. Unlike other Invicta watches, which tend to be rather huge, this one has a case that is 40mm, which is a traditional men’s size. It offers a 200-meter water resistance and a Japanese automatic movement.

Speedway Men Model 37953- Speedway Collection

Invicta speedway

For racing enthusiasts, the speedway collection is appropriate. The watches’ sleek, fashionable, and slim design, pretty clearly illustrates this. There are numerous watches in this collection that I might have chosen, but I went with the Model 37953, a vibrant chronograph with a 52mm stainless steel case that looks good on the wrist. A Japanese Quartz movement powers it. It is 100 meters water resistant. A red silicone band is included with it.

Angel Lady Model 20023- Angel Collection

Invicta Angel watch

Invicta doesn’t just put out watches for men. They have some pretty great women’s watches too, especially in the Angel collection. I chose the Angel Lady Model 20023 which features a stainless steel case with a gold color and a vibrant Bezel. the case size is 40mm and it is powered by a Swiss Quartz movement. It has 200 meters of water resistance.


In conclusion, while Invicta may not fit the traditional mold of luxury brands, it offers a unique blend of affordability, quality, and diverse designs. These qualities enable Invicta to rival many high-end brands, proving that luxury can indeed be accessible. To see how Invicta compares to other brands offering value for money, check out our comprehensive guide on the best affordable Swiss watches. It’s proof that luxury doesn’t always have to carry an extravagant price tag.


Is Invicta a luxury brand?

Invicta is not typically considered a luxury brand in the traditional sense, particularly when compared to brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, or Audemars Piguet. However, Invicta does offer a wide range of watches that can provide a luxury feel and appearance at a more affordable price point.

Where do Invicta watches rank?

Invicta watches rank well in the mid-range watch market. They are known for their good build quality, stylish designs, and affordability. While they may not compete with high-end luxury brands, they do offer a great value for their cost, making them a popular choice for many watch enthusiasts.

Is Invicta owned by Rolex?

No, Invicta is not owned by Rolex. Invicta Watch Group is an independent company founded in 1837. It has no corporate relationship with Rolex, which is a separate and distinct company.

Is Invicta a reliable brand of watch?

Yes, Invicta is generally considered a reliable brand. The watches are known for their quality construction and use of solid materials, such as stainless steel and reliable quartz or automatic movements. As with any brand, the longevity and performance of the watch can depend on how well it’s cared for.

Who are Invicta’s competitors?

Invicta’s competitors include other mid-range watch brands such as Seiko, Citizen, and Casio. These brands, like Invicta, offer a wide range of styles and designs at affordable prices, making them popular choices for consumers looking for good value in a wristwatch.

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  1. I’m particularly interested in their watches. It’s quite interesting to note how Invicta manages to retain an element of quality in their products, while keeping prices accessible. Given their positioning in the market, do you think Invicta might venture into the high-end luxury segment in the future? Do they have any collections that might be considered premium or luxurious, despite not carrying a hefty price tag?

    1. Certainly, Invicta’s ethos revolves around producing high-quality watches at affordable prices, but they do offer a premium collection – the Reserve collection. These watches showcase a higher level of craftsmanship and design detail, offering a sense of luxury without the extravagant cost. As for venturing into the high-end luxury segment, it’s possible, but it would mean a significant shift in their brand identity. It’s a decision only Invicta can make, but for now, they continue to provide excellent value in their niche.

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