5 steps to set Rolex watch Infographic

How to set a Rolex watch: 5 steps

You may have learned how to set a Rolex watch long ago, but there are some owners who may have just bought their first Rolex or who need a reminder. Thankfully, setting up a Rolex is much simpler than most people believe. Here are a few tips to assist you to complete these necessary tasks without having to go to your local jeweler.

Four or three positions on a Rolex’s crown operate the watch’s various functions. The crown is completely screwed down in position zero. With the exception of when you are setting or winding your Rolex, the crown should always be in this position to ensure waterproofness. Usually, the first position winds the watch, the second position lets you change the day and date and the third position changes the position of the hour and minute hands.

How to set a Rolex watch - steps guide

How to Set a Rolex watch steps

  1. Turn the crown of the Rolex counterclockwise while holding it in your hand. The watch’s screws holding the winding crown in place will start to come loose. The winding crown will pop out and move into the first position which is called the winding position once it has fully separated from the screws.
  2. Turn the winding crown clockwise for 30 to 40 rotations after it has been pushed out and placed in the winding position. The tension should start to build, and you should start to hear a slight clicking.
  3. To adjust the time, move the crown to the third position. Turn the hands clockwise, until the right time is shown.
  4. To adjust the date, you can push the crown in one click to the second position and turn it clockwise.
  5. In the final step, push the crown all the way back into the zero position and screw it clockwise until it is tight. Since the Rolex’s waterproof seal is maintained by the crown, it is necessary to completely tighten the screw.

All Rolex models have the same functionality for the crown, but not all Rolex models can have the same settings. The Datejust, Daytona, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Yachtmaster, and Deepsea all follow the previous steps. The steps differ slightly depending on whether you have a Day-Date or a GMT because the Day-Date has an additional feature to adjust the day of the week and the GMT includes an additional hour hand. The crown on ladies’ Rolex watches must be twisted counterclockwise.

When should you set a Rolex?

With a Rolex being a mechanical watch, it is necessary to wind it on a regular basis. Since different Rolex watches have varying power reserves, it is advisable to be familiar with and knowledgeable about your Rolex watch’s features. You must set a Rolex date and time if you need to change them. At least twice a year, when the clocks change for daylight savings time, all watches must be adjusted.

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