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Is Tudor a Good Watch? A Deep Dive into Quality, Craftsmanship, and Value

In the world of luxury timepieces, Swiss craftsmanship reigns supreme, with names like Rolex often stealing the spotlight. But there’s a more understated star in this prestigious universe – Tudor. Offering the same Swiss precision, quality, and style, but at a fraction of the price, Tudor watches are swiftly making their mark as the savvy choice for discerning enthusiasts and casual wearers alike. But is Tudor really a good watch brand? Does it offer the same level of quality, prestige, and reliability as its illustrious counterparts? In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the heart of Tudor’s horological prowess, peeling back the layers of history, craftsmanship, and value that define this unique brand. If you’ve been contemplating investing in a Tudor watch or simply curious about what this brand has to offer, read on. The time to discover the allure of Tudor is now.

History of Tudor Watches

Tudor was founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, the man also responsible for the creation of Rolex. Wilsdorf envisioned Tudor as a brand that could deliver the reliability and dependability of Rolex watches but at a more accessible price point. This positioning enabled Tudor to provide the market with affordable yet high-quality timepieces.

In its early days, Tudor focused on crafting sturdy tool watches. These were reliable and practical timepieces designed to withstand rigorous conditions. A prime example is the Oyster Prince collection introduced in 1952, with watches that successfully survived various challenging environments, from deep mines to high-altitude mountain ranges.

A significant turning point in Tudor’s history was the introduction of their exclusive calibers. In 2015, Tudor launched its first in-house movement, the MT5621 caliber. This move towards proprietary movements strengthened Tudor’s position in the watch industry and demonstrated their commitment to fine watchmaking.

Tudor’s Craftsmanship and In-house Movements

Tudor Movement

The craftsmanship behind each Tudor watch is remarkable. It starts with the selection of high-quality materials. Each component, from the case and dial to the bracelet, is crafted from materials that ensure durability and longevity. This adherence to quality is a testament to the Swiss brand’s commitment to excellence.

The core of any watch lies in its movement, and Tudor’s in-house movements exemplify precision and reliability. Starting with the MT5621, Tudor’s in-house movements have continually evolved, providing better accuracy, longer power reserves, and more features. These movements are COSC-certified, ensuring their reliability and precision.

Moreover, Tudor watches are not only about robustness and performance; they are also about elegance. The exceptional finish, meticulous detailing, and unique design elements provide each watch with an attractive aesthetic. Hence, a Tudor watch is not just a timekeeping device but a style statement.

Tudor’s Offerings: Value for Money

Tudor’s primary value proposition lies in offering luxury watches at competitive prices. While other luxury brands can be prohibitively expensive, Tudor strikes a balance between luxury and accessibility. This approach has led to Tudor’s recognition as a brand that provides excellent value for money.

Take the Tudor Black Bay collection, for instance. Launched in 2012, the Black Bay collection brings together Tudor’s heritage designs with their modern, in-house movements. These watches have a vintage appeal, superior quality, and come at a price point that is hard to beat in the luxury watch segment.

Also, a Tudor watch’s value goes beyond its price tag. The robustness, reliability, and longevity of these watches make them a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re a seasoned watch enthusiast looking to expand your collection or a newcomer to the world of luxury watches, Tudor offers something of lasting value.

Tudor’s Distinct Design Aesthetics

Tudor Black Bay 79220R side2

Tudor’s design language marries the past with the present, creating timepieces that possess a distinct style recognizable at a glance. Drawing from their rich history, Tudor incorporates vintage elements like the ‘Snowflake’ hands – first introduced in the 1960s for the brand’s divers’ watches. Meanwhile, they continue to adapt and innovate, adding modern touches and incorporating technological advancements to stay current and relevant.

A perfect example of this blend is the Black Bay collection, embodying Tudor’s bold and adventurous spirit. The collection takes inspiration from Tudor’s historic models, featuring characteristic angular ‘Snowflake’ hands, large winding crowns, and domed crystal faces. Yet, the contemporary mechanical specifications and color variations give the Black Bay a fresh, modern appeal.

On the other hand, the Tudor Glamour collection speaks to the elegant side of the brand. These watches, with their exquisite detailing and clean lines, show that Tudor can do refined and sophisticated as convincingly as they do bold and robust.

Tudor and Rolex: The Luxury Watch Family

Tudor and Rolex share a unique relationship in the luxury watch industry. Founded by the same visionary, Hans Wilsdorf, both brands maintain a focus on quality and reliability. While Rolex watches, which are known to hold value, are the epitome of luxury and status, Tudor offers a more attainable entry point into the world of high-end timepieces, making luxury accessible to a wider audience.

But that doesn’t mean Tudor is simply a ‘cheaper Rolex’. Instead, Tudor has successfully carved out its identity and reputation. By offering distinct designs and leveraging its in-house movements, Tudor sets itself apart while still benefiting from the impeccable craftsmanship and trustworthiness synonymous with the Rolex name. It’s this unique positioning that has established Tudor as a highly appealing Rolex equivalent in the luxury watch market.

Tudor Watches in the Eyes of Collectors

Watch collectors and horology enthusiasts worldwide hold Tudor in high regard. Their timepieces are not only valued for their technical specifications and reliability but also for their unique design language and the story each model tells.

Tudor’s tool watches, such as the Pelagos or the Black Bay, are popular choices for those who appreciate functional, robust watches with a vintage flair. On the other hand, the affordable luxury chronograph, the Tudor Black Bay Chrono, combines the practicality of a tool watch with the sophistication of a dress watch. Meanwhile, the elegance and sophistication of the Glamour or 1926 collections make them appealing to those who prefer a more refined style.

The combination of quality, design, and reasonable pricing that Tudor offers makes their watches a compelling proposition for collectors. Be it a seasoned collector with a wide array of timepieces or a budding enthusiast just beginning their journey in horology, Tudor watches have a broad appeal and are highly desirable additions to any collection.

Tudor’s Reliability and Reputation

Over the decades, Tudor has earned a reputation for producing watches that are dependable and long-lasting. This is no small feat in the competitive landscape of luxury watches where quality and reliability are paramount.

The meticulous craftsmanship, rigorous quality control, and precise in-house movements contribute to Tudor’s reliable performance. The brand’s commitment to excellence ensures that their watches consistently deliver high performance, whether it’s a divers’ watch designed to withstand the pressure of deep-sea exploration or a dress watch designed for the sophistication of a formal event.

Tudor’s reputation isn’t solely built on its product reliability. It also comes from a history of innovation, a dedication to design, and the ability to offer luxury watches at accessible prices. This combination has solidified Tudor’s status as a trusted name in the luxury watch industry.

Comparing Tudor with Competitors

Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster

When it comes to comparing Tudor with its competitors, the brand stands out due to its unique value proposition. While there are numerous brands in the luxury watch market, few can match the blend of affordability, quality, and style that Tudor offers.

While Tudor shares some similarities with its sibling brand Rolex, it’s differentiated by its price point and distinct design aesthetic. Compared to other competitors like Omega or Breitling, Tudor’s strength lies in its blend of vintage-inspired designs, exceptional build quality, and competitive pricing. This unique combination sets Tudor apart from its competitors, cementing its status as a formidable player in the luxury watch market.


In summary, Tudor represents a compelling option for those in pursuit of luxury watches that deliver excellent value for money. They stand out with their distinctive designs that harmoniously blend vintage and modern elements, robust and precise in-house movements, and a price point that makes luxury accessible to a broader audience.

Tudor offers a compelling alternative for those seeking a high-quality luxury watch without breaking the bank. Founded by the same visionary behind Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor offers a range of watches that deliver excellent features and performance, often at a fraction of the price of a Rolex.

Here are some key reasons why Tudor is considered to be a good value luxury watch brand:

  • Association with Rolex: Tudor is owned by the same parent company as Rolex. This association guarantees a high level of quality and craftsmanship in every Tudor watch, similar to that of Rolex.
  • Affordability: Compared to Rolex and other high-end brands, Tudor watches are more budget-friendly. This makes luxury watches more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Variety of Styles and Designs: Tudor offers a wide range of designs, from the sporty Black Bay and Pelagos to the elegant Glamour collection, ensuring there’s a watch for every style preference.
  • Quality Materials: From stainless steel and titanium to ceramic, Tudor uses high-quality materials in the construction of their watches, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Long History of Watchmaking: Founded in 1926, Tudor has almost a century of experience in watchmaking. This expertise is reflected in the design, craftsmanship, and performance of their watches.

If you’re in the market for a luxury watch that offers style, quality, and value, Tudor stands out as an excellent choice. Whether you’re a seasoned horology enthusiast or a casual buyer, Tudor’s offerings are worth considering.

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