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How to spot a fake Michael Kors watch

If you want to buy your first Michael Kors watch but don’t want to waste your money on a fake one. You need to understand how to spot a fake Michael Kors watch. Read on for instructions on how to tell if a Michael Kors watch is real or not.

real Michael kors dial
Michael Kors MK crown

1. Dial

The watch dial or face should first be examined, and the Michael Kors text should be visible. Both the spacing between words and the spaces between letters should be uniform. Typically, the “Michael Kors” is positioned above the 6 o’clock or below the 12 o’clock position. On the dial of some watches, in addition to the word “Michael Kors,” there may also be the MK logo. The MK logo must be engraved on the crown of a real watch. The hour markings should also be examined to make sure that the spacing is accurate and consistent. When checking the subdials of a chronograph watch, make sure everything looks legit.

2. Serial Number

A unique serial number and model number are required for a real Michael Kors watch. The number, for instance, MK-865423, will be clearly engraved on the case back. The case back would also have the Michael Kors text engraved on it. A fake watch won’t have the text or serial number engraved in the case back.

The watch’s bracelet is another thing to look at. The Michael Kors text will be engraved on the clasp of an authentic watch. The bracelet’s serial number must be engraved on the inside. In Some watches, the bracelet screw would also have the MK logo engraved on it.

real watch case back and clasp

real Michael Kors watch box and paper

3. Box and Paper

The real Michael Kors watch is packaged in a box. The Michael Kors text would be printed correctly on the box with uniform spacing. The printing should be of very high quality. There is a paper/manual describing the watch model and instructions for setting the watch inside the box.

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