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How much does a Rolex service cost in 2023?

Rolex watches are legendary for their reliability and capacity to be worn in the most difficult conditions possible. But after a while, every watch needs to be serviced, and Rolex watches are no exception. How frequently should a Rolex be serviced? and “How much does a Rolex service cost?” are questions we are asked frequently, so keep reading to find out the answers to these questions and more.

How much does a Rolex service cost

How much does a Rolex service cost?

A basic Rolex watch service starts at $750 USD for models like the Oyster Perpetual or Cellini. However, the cost of the service might be significantly higher; for some Rolex models, the quoted price from a Rolex Service Center has reached $2,500. The exact service cost is dependent on a number of factors, which I will try to explain here.

Watch Model

The model of the watch is a critical factor in determining the exact cost of the service, and the Rolex catalog has many different models. In general, Professional collection watches are more expensive to service than Classic collection watches. For instance, a basic Rolex Daytona service starts at around $900, while an Oyster Perpetual service starts at about $750. The movement of a Daytona, which is a Chronograph, is far more complicated than an Oyster Perpetual, which has a movement with simple three-hand functionality, which explains why.

Watch Condition

The condition of the watch is another key consideration; a well-maintained watch will be less expensive to service than one that has not been. For instance, if the watch’s case, dial, bezel, or crystal are all scratched, or if the case itself is worn out, expect to pay more to replace those parts. Expect to pay an extra $400 if the Crown needs to be replaced due to wear. For a Rolex submariner, a new Oyster bracelet costs roughly $1,200 to replace a worn one. Contacting your local Rolex Authorized Dealer can assist you to obtain an estimate from a Rolex Service Center that will detail all the parts that need to be replaced in order to find out the correct and appropriate to service your watch.

Watch Age

The watch’s age will increase the cost of your service. For instance, older discontinued Rolex models that are 30 years old or older will cost more to service. The watch will likely need to be sent to Switzerland because the parts are no longer being produced and will therefore be less readily available. Expect to pay additional costs for shipping and other expenses if your watch needs to be shipped to Switzerland for servicing.

Is it worth getting Rolex serviced?

Yes, Your Rolex watch deserves to be serviced. A Rolex watch is an expensive piece of jewelry and even an investment for some people. Your Rolex watch will continue to function accurately for many years to come if you service it. Consider selling or trading it instead, though, if the price of the service is too expensive for you or you don’t intend to keep your watch for very long.

How often should a Rolex get serviced?

Rolex recommends servicing your watch every 10 years or so. Once more, it depends on the model and your way of life. Rolex watches are extremely reliable and COSC certified. A Rolex watch is guaranteed accurate to +/- 2 seconds each day; if your watch is far out of this range, you should think about having it serviced sooner.

Can any watchmaker service a Rolex?

Rolex watches cannot be serviced by any professional watchmaker. Due to their inability to obtain genuine service replacement components directly from Rolex, even those who are technically capable of servicing a Rolex may not be able to do it effectively.
The use of 100% genuine Rolex components is essential for optimal performance. This procedure is crucial to properly maintaining a Rolex. It is impossible to expect a watch to function exactly as Rolex intended it to if it is not made entirely of genuine Rolex components.

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