Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster

Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster – Which is The Best Watch?

Tudor or Omega, notably the Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster models, are two obvious competitors that many watch buyers face in the diving watch sector. A pricey watch is not an easy purchase. Rarely do people spend thousands of dollars on a timepiece without at least considering alternative possibilities first. This is entirely understandable because you don’t want to spend a sizable portion of your savings only to be dissatisfied. It thus becomes a contest between the iconic design and affordable price of Tudor and the rich history and reputable brand of Omega, both of which have a fair price. What actually distinguishes these two watches?

Continue reading to learn more as we compare the Tudor Black Bay to the Omega Seamaster.

Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster

Tudor Black Bay vs Omega Seamaster: Wrist Presence 

The size of the Tudor Black Bay and Omega Seamaster is the first significant distinction between them. The Tudor is definitely the larger of the two, as you can see in the image above. The BB’s lug-to-lug, thickness, and lug width are all significantly greater than those of the Seamaster 300m, despite the somewhat smaller case diameter.

Because of this, I believe those with smaller wrists should think twice before purchasing the Black Bay. Trying both watches on is, in my perspective, the best method to determine if the size is appropriate for you.

In my opinion, the Seamaster is more practical as a daily watch than the Black Bay. In fact, the Black Bay’s commanding height makes it difficult to forget that you are wearing a watch, and it is also particularly prone to damage.

The case of both watches is made of stainless steel. I prefer the Seamaster’s case a little bit more because it features crown guards and chamfered lugs, and the case back’s stainless steel portion has a lovely wave pattern.

Omega Seamaster caseback waves

 A sapphire Exhibition case back allows you to see the movement in modern Seamaster models. Seeing this exquisite movement in action is wonderful, especially considering Exhibition case backs weren’t particularly common in diver watches, and it’s difficult to think of one that did before Omega started including them in the Seamaster.


Vintage Seamasters typically had Caliber 2500 chronometers, however, those made in 2015 include the Master Chronometer 8800. An important development in timepieces was made by Omega when it unveiled the first coaxial escapement-equipped mass-produced watch. This functionality virtually removes the need for lubrication, eliminating a common failure area in earlier watches.

The caliber MT5602, a COSC-certified movement that was initially released in 2016 as the company’s first formally in-house movement, is used in the Tudor Black Bay models available today. 

Both Tudor MT5602 and Omega Calibre 8800 are top automatic movements. The Calibre 8800, however, is undoubtedly the more accurate of the two movements.

Since the caliber of the Omega is both COSC and METAS approved, it can maintain a timekeeping accuracy of 0 to +5 seconds each day.  The Co-Axial 8800 Caliber of the Omega is almost frictionless, which means you should service it less frequently than the Black Bay, which is one justification for the Omega’s high price.

The Tudor MT5602, on the other hand, has a significantly bigger power reserve but is a little less accurate. In fact, because of the 70 hours of power reserve, you may remove your watch on Friday and put it back on Monday morning without having to adjust the time.

Tudor Black Bay

Diving Experience 

Even though we hardly ever utilize the watch to its full potential, it’s amusing to consider that the water resistance rating plays a significant influence on our purchasing decision. Simply because the Seamaster has 300m of WR instead of 200m, many people choose it over the Black Bay.

A 300m rating has virtually few advantages over a 200m rating in real-world situations. 200 meters is sufficient because the typical scuba diving depth is roughly 40 meters. The Seamaster’s key benefit is that saturation diving may be done with it. But this isn’t because of the 300m rating per se; rather, it’s feasible because of the helium escape valve located at the 10 o’clock position.

The Tudor Black Bay and Omega Seamaster bezel inserts share a lot of similarities in terms of design. Both of them have 10-minute gradations and 60-minute unidirectional rotating bezels. The two watches’ materials, however, are very different.

 Omega Seamaster

The Tudor Black Bay has an aluminum bezel insert, which is a reasonably inexpensive material. The Seamaster’s bezel insert, on the other hand, is made of a nearly scratch-proof ceramic material. Older variants of the Seamaster had an aluminum insert.

Although ceramic is the material of choice for expensive watches, you shouldn’t dismiss the aluminum insert of the Black Bay too fast. Although it will scratch more easily than ceramic, it is far more shatter-resistant.

Given that customers of diving watches pay close attention to the Lume, both watchmakers worked hard to obtain the best Lume.

Both watches’ Lume is superb, so you shouldn’t pick one watch over the other just on this aspect. Hands, indices, and the Lume pip on the bezel are all the same for the two watches’ components.

Omega Seamaster Dial
Tudor Black Bay Dial bezel


The well-known wave pattern that we have grown to adore is displayed on the Seamaster 300m’s dial. In a matte dial that is the same color as the bezel, this pattern has been laser-engraved.

The date complication on the Seamaster 300m’s dial is another significant feature. In fact, many collectors are unwilling to purchase a daily watch without a date window because they value that information. If this applies to you, you shouldn’t think about staying at the Black Bay because it lacks the date.

The Tudor Black Bay’s popular status is most likely due to its gilt dial. The Black Bay has a vintage feel that simply cannot be imitated thanks to these gold accents. Additionally, this Tudor is unique due to the dial’s slight dome.

The Tudor Black Blay, in my humble opinion, has the better pair of hands out of the two. The snowflake hands are not only exquisite, but they are also widely recognized. Tudor has continued this tradition for more than fifty years, and it is evidently effective.

On the other hand, many have strong opinions on the Omega Seamaster’s hands. The skeleton design is hit-or-miss, and the sword-shaped minute and hour hands are nothing out of the ordinary.

But I do appreciate the Seamaster’s usage of a secondhand with a red tip to improve visibility. I appreciate this kind of attention to detail because readability is a crucial component of a dive watch.

The layout of the Rolex Submariner’s renowned circles and rectangles is shared by the Seamaster and Black Bay for the majority of its hour markers. However, the 12 o’clock position on the Tudor and Omega watches, respectively, is marked by an extended triangle and a double rectangle.

Tudor Black Bay Thickness
Seamaster crown


Given that the Black Bay is less expensive, it cost less than $4,000.,while The Seamaster 300m is priced under $5,500 and offers an excellent modern design and top-notch technology. It’s odd that the Seamaster is frequently compared with Black Bay. A $1,500 price difference isn’t all that significant, though, if you consider that you might wear this watch for most of the remainder of your life.

The most well-known and popular Omega models are the Seamaster and Speedmaster. They will continue to be valuable even in the resale market because of the huge demand for them.

Check out The Omega and Tudor websites for more information.

Status Symbol

The Omega Seamaster is the clear pick if you’re looking solely for brand recognition and want a status symbol. Omega is not only a bigger and more well-known brand, but James Bond frequently wore the Seamaster in his movies. James Bond, who wore the Seamaster Quartz Professional in the 1995 movie GoldenEye, is the most well-known Omega wearer. For a more upscale appearance in later films, Bond sported the Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer.

The Omega Seamaster Professional 300M model is still worn by Daniel Craig’s James Bond today, and he even refers to it by name in the movie Casino Royale. This means that you get a vintage timepiece from a respectable company that both collectors and non-collectors will admire. Even limited-edition James Bond Seamaster watches from Omega were unavailable for a long.

However, while Tudor is a well-known and adored brand among watch lovers, the general public is largely unaware of it. This shouldn’t stop you from purchasing the Black Bay, though, unless you are desperate for a status symbol.


It might be challenging to select between the Tudor Black Bay and the Omega Seamaster at first glance with so many options available at such a similar price point.

James Bond’s go-to watch, the Omega Seamaster, is for people who want their watch brand to be recognized as an iconic one with a track record of reliable quality.

Others will choose the Tudor Black Bay if they want the legendary design of a Rolex Submariner with a contemporary touch. Some people will pick both, and that makes sense.

Which one do you like better?

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