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SEIKO SRP785 Automatic Watch

The Seiko SRP 785 is an automatic watch with hand winding and hacking features that is entirely different from the Seiko 5 Sports line as a whole.

Seiko SRP785 dial

Seiko Sportmatic 5, the first Seiko 5 timepiece, was created in 1963. It was the first automatic day/date watch made by Seiko and released in Japan. The number “5” stood for the guarantee that each Seiko 5 watch will have five essential features. These characteristics, when combined with the then-new mainspring and shock-resistant technology, gave the Seiko 5 its distinct look and its power. The Five key attributes are :

  • Day-date display at the three o’clock position
  • Automatic movement
  • Recessed crown at the four o’clock position
  • Water resistance
  • Case and bracelet built for durability

SEIKO SRP785 Specifications

This watch’s case measures 44 millimeters in diameter and is 13 millimeters thick. The entire wingspan, measured from the top of the lugs to the bottom, is 51 millimeters, and the lug width is 22 millimeters. Generally speaking, this features a stainless steel case with drilled lug holes, which is a good feature, and of course, the unidirectional elapsed time bezel is 100-meter water resistant. You can feel the weight of the watch on your wrist due to the case, which is quite heavy.

The case is not brushed, maybe it’s bead blasted, but it’s not a regular stainless steel hue to my eyes, and this finishing is just incredibly silky smooth and matte, which is quite good. Now the proportions and size of the case lugs are attractive. There are no crown guards and the crown is not screwed down.

The Seiko SRP785 dial in particular is really distinctive and appealing. It doesn’t precisely like a radiant sunburst, but it is divided up into several tiny triangles, and if you look very closely, you can see that each of the clock’s triangular parts has some sort of texture.

The Seiko logo and the 5 shield beneath that are the only things that are actually applied on the dial while the indices and the markers are only printed on. There’s a printed outline black rectangular outline around the day and date window at the three o’clock position it looks good and is very legible the day and date window of course is a white tile with a black outline.

 SRP785 caseback

The watch has an exhibition case-back, which is definitely uncommon for dive watches. You can see that the movement’s 4R36 with the number of jewels, Twenty Four jewel count, and are engraved on the rotor, but the actual thing to notice is this mountain Fuji as a World Heritage limited edition printed on the blue ring.

The bezel on this watch is unidirectional. The bezel is made of stainless steel with a lovely blue polish, and as you can see, blue is the predominant color. It fits the blue on the strap, the blue ring on the back, and, of course, the blue bezel. The numerals on the 25 through 55 areas of the bezel are left standing up, while the numbers on the 60 through 20 areas are engraved down and then filled with paint. For the first 20 minutes, these graduated markers are colored in white.

The Seiko SRP785 self-winding mechanical movement, the 4R36 caliber, is manually wound and hackable (which means that the second hand stops when the crown is pulled out). Compared to quartz watches, which only tick once per second, it ticks six times per second, giving the second hand a smoother movement. When fully wound, the watch should keep time for up to 41 hours and will wind itself when moved.

SRP785 lume

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