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Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton- Everything You Need To Know

Wearability is one of my primary requirements these days for a killer watch. Yes, aesthetics matter, but fit takes priority. Fortunately, the Zenith Defy Classic Skeleton meets both requirements.

zenith defy classic skeleton watch case

Ceramic Case

This Defy Classic has a ceramic case and comes in white and black colors in addition to the blue model shown here. In the past, ceramic cases were uncommon in the watch industry, but today they are used considerably more often and may be found at lower price ranges. Because non-white and non-black ceramic cases are still rather uncommon, the blue case drew my attention. The blue color contributes to the case’s modern and sleek design.

Ceramics is a great material for watches because it resists scratching, which is one of its main benefits. For a very long time, you may wear this Zenith Defy Classic every day without ever noticing any indications of wear and tear. Interestingly, I can attest that, on my personal Defy, after several months of consistent use (and I’m not known for babying my watches), I am unable to notice any obvious scratches with the naked eye. In keeping with current styles for sports watches, the ceramic case is 41mm in diameter, 10.75mm thick, and 100 meters water resistant.

ceramic case view

The watch is comfortable to wear and slim and light. Although the case is itself geometric and sharp, the finish is aggressively matte. The circular bezel is beautifully polished on the outside and has a nice radiant brushing on top, giving it a luxurious feel. 

Zenith Watch openworked dial

Openworked Dial

Views of the internal in-house Elite automatic movement are provided by a geometrically designed open-worked dial that matches the color of the case and strap. The style is sleek, sporty, and modern. The fact that this watch’s dial does not prioritize legibility is not a deal-breaker in my opinion because I believe that this watch is much more about having a distinctive style than about performing as an instrument. like a five-pointed star (the Zenith logo). The dial has been stripped down to reveal the movement’s intricate design. The degree of skeletonization is such that the complete date wheel is visible from the dial.

Zenith Defy Classic dial

Elite Movement 

The movement is from Zenith’s other automatic range, the Elite collection. Unlike the El Primero, which is a chronograph, the Elite collection has long been overshadowed by the El Primero. However, the mid-90s launch of the Elite movement range has been around for a while and was met with excellent feedback at the time. The Elite 670SK, produced entirely in-house by Zenith, has a frequency of 28,800 vph and a 50-hour power reserve.

For the Defy Classic family, the Elite caliber was revamped as an open-worked movement with reorganized open bridges and premium finishing. For instance, the open-worked star-shaped rotor has a modern satin-brushed finish.

Zenith Defy Classic Elite movement back case

Comfortable Strap 

A really fine blue textured rubber strap that matches the case’s color is included with the Zenith Defy Classic watch. The provided rubber is quite comfortable and complements the case beautifully. Other watches in the Defy collection come with rubber-backed alligator straps, but the sportiness of the rubber alone is greatly appreciated here. The rubber-backed alligator straps will fit on the ceramic case if you wish to mix & match. The strap really drives home the fact that this is a watch built for some action, even though the case form and specifications definitely place the Defy in the sports watch category.

comes with a lovely single-fold clasp that features a star motif. The clasp is unobtrusive, lightweight, and slim like the rest of the watch.

Zenith Defy Classic rubber strap

Reasonable Price

The Zenith Defy Classic Ceramic costs $7,500, which seems like a very reasonable price for a contemporary sports watch in ceramic with an entirely in-house movement and an original design.


The blue version of the Zenith Defy Classic is a lot of fun to wear. Although it appears fragile, it is actually incredibly durable, and I believe that is a big part of its attraction. The case is so comfortable to wear, I can attest that you forget the watch is on your wrist. The Defy Classic consistently succeeds in helping owners remember what they are wearing when they check the time, rather than forgetting what they were wearing in the first place.

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