G-shock s-steel

Revealed The New G-Shock G-STEEL with Gold and Black

G-Shock wants you to go gold with the newest model in their G-Steel series. Casio presents the G-Shock G-STEEL with Gold (GSTB100GB-1A9), the newest model in the G-Shock G-Steel line. The design mixes a sophisticated metallic elegance with inherent sturdiness.

G-Shock G-STEEL  with Gold

The watch has a striking brushed gold ion-plated Bezel and indexes that contrast the black dial’s gloom and give this crowd-pleaser a dash of glitz. Everything that we enjoy about the G-Shock line of watches (shock resistance, solar power, and the complete range of digital watch capabilities) is combined in this watch and wrapped in a golden coating.

The black dial of this watch features a rotary turbine sub-dial at 9 o’clock that also serves as an indicator of the watch’s solar charge level. Additionally, the dial shows Bluetooth compatibility, allowing connection to the G-Shock Connected app. With integrated Smartphone Link features including a timestamp with location and a simple time setting, this functionality expands many of the watch’s features.

G-Shock G-STEEL  Gold Bezel

The new design also features cutting-edge technical features like Tough Solar Technology, which enables the watch to convert electricity from even the weakest light sources. This technology is made possible by the addition of a very robust solar panel that resembles a film on the dial. Last but not least, the LED light display’s great brightness assures visibility at night.

The price of the brand-new G-Shock G-STEEL with Gold GSTB100GB-1A9 is $420. You can view it at Casio.

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